28th June 2018 in South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands

Ongoing campaign to fully-protect the South Sandwich Islands

The South Sandwich Islands are near pristine and host globally significant wildlife, including approximately 10% of the world’s penguins. The world’s largest chinstrap penguin colony (1.5 million pairs) are found on one of the islands, Zavodovski . The Great British Oceans coalition is calling for full protection from extractive practices,…
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14th March 2018 in UK Overseas Territories

Great British Oceans commends the British public and Members of Parliament for backing the Blue Belt Charter

Distinguished guests, including Ministers, Members of Parliament, civil servants, marine scientists, and Non-Governmental Organisations, met in the House of Commons today to celebrate the incredible support pledged to the Blue Belt Charter by over 280 MPs from eight different parties. The Charter, drafted by Great British Oceans (a coalition of the Blue…
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28th September 2017 in South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands

Great British Oceans supports the designation of a fully-protected South Sandwich Islands marine sanctuary

South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands (SGSSI) sit approximately 4,000 kilometres north of Antarctica and 2,700 kilometres east of South America in the South Atlantic Ocean. The United Kingdom Overseas Territory encompasses two geographically and geologically distinct groups of remote and inhospitable islands. The South Sandwich Islands are an…
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27th September 2016 in UK Overseas Territories

Our Ocean conference, Washington DC

UK and Overseas Territories governments announced plans to protect an additional two million square kilometres of ocean for future generations. The Great British Oceans coalition (formerly Marine Reserves coalition), who lead the ‘Great British Oceans’ campaign, applauds this visionary and far reaching agreement that recognises the global importance of our…
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